Why South direction ( Dakhin Disa) is inauspicious. South direction belongs to the planet Mars (Mangal) & also called the entrance door of Yama (God of death ). North is positive & south is Negative as the BEM passes from N to S direction . It is depressed or wasted at the southern end. If a door of the building & gate of the house is not opened in particular S-4 then all problems come to the owner of the house. Problems are chiefly diseases of family members, court cases against the owner or any one of the family . These are the causes that makes that family poor. Dakhin Disa (South) means" Dan ke baad Dakhinaa" denaa Or Khin (Weak) . Weak by financial status & weak by health due to continuous diseases in the family, accidents, court cases or operation etc. Remedy :- 1. Gate & entrance doors are to be placed in proper location. Do not go against brothers. Like them & help them. Do not go against law & order of the ruler or the Govt. Plant a creeper "Hemidesmus indicus " to worship on Tuesday with vermin, rice, Guda , Agarbati . Make friendship with young people & appreciate them. Supply your younger sisters with red Sarees/ sweets frequently. If possible donate blood to some needy person . Appreciate , respect & help to the security personnel ( Defence persons, police ) who are for our safe & security. Any problems arise out of South direction ( Due to Mangal or Yama) we must adopt the above remedies to ward off them. Note that now days no destruction or any modification is required for the structure of any Vastu construction. It is all defects are eradicated by installation of pyramids which have prooved 100% successful with matching to 5 elements of the nature. Ensuring no defect of a Vastu. Prof. (Dr.) H. Bal. Astrology & Vastu. Rourkela. Odisha.



OVER HEAD WATER TANK ?????? ???????- ??? ??? ???? ?????:- Over head water tank of a building must be in the West, or on South-West ( ?????? ?? ??????? ???) . West & South - West represents Earth element which one suppose to be always height. Even heighter than any construction of all directions. As a vehicle, truck is loaded heavy at the back to avoid accidents similar rule is for a building too. Less height may attract thunder lightening etc. This direction Nairut , Paschim is the best location for lumbar room & over head Water Tank. 25° or 65° either side of N-E for sump is OK. Similarly same rule may be implemented in the case O H Tank in S-W to W direction to maintain height as of Earth element. Sump, bore well is better at 25 ° or 65° from N-E. Over head tank to be stalled between 225° to 275 ° ( SW - West). Error construction, installation of water tank in opposite direction may cause various diseases which may be incurable. Prof (Dr.) H.Bal. (Astrology & Vastu) Expert. Rourkela. Odisha. Prof.(Dr.) H. Bal, Astrology & Vastu Expert. Rourkela. Odisha.


KAL SARPA YOG OR DOSH- (??? ???? ??? ?? ???)??? When all planets are hemmed in between Rahu & Ketu is known as "Kalsarpa Yog". There are ten types of Kalsarpa yog in astrology. Some Yogas are inimical, brings obstacles in life. But some are good & favourable too. There are so many famous people who had this Yoga. They became renowned after a lot of struggle in life. To get success they struggle hard & later stage of life they get success. Former PM J N Nehru, Atal Bihari Bajpai had this Yog in their horoscope. Kalsarpa Yog - They are Ananta , Kulin, Vasuki, Sankhpal, Padma, Mahapadma, Takhyak, Karkotak, Sankhchud, Ghatak, Bishdhar & Seshnag. Problems arise in life with Kalsarpa Yog persons are 1. They work as per their own will & wish. 2. They advise others well but fail to guide self. 3. If both wife & husband live together their or husband's income may not increase. 4. Career obstacles , friends may may get promotion though joined in the same day . 5. Late marriage or after marriage marital life does not run smoothly. 6. Often they get child at late stage. 7. Always misunderstanding between wife & husband. 8. Some times some couple married life gets discorded or divorce. These are the common problems found with the persons having Kalsarpa Yoga in their horoscope. Remedy- If this defect is remedied problem may be nullified gradually. Else the the person may suffer with intensity of the Yoga till the age of 43. Consult your astrologer who can guide how to eradicate " Kalsarpa Dosh" . ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ???????? ?????? ???? ? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ??? ??? ??????? ????? ??????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??????? ?????? ??????? ??? ?????? ??????? ? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ??????, ???????? ?? ???????? ????? ????? ???????? ????????


Do you work facing West or South direction ??????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ??????? ???????? ? ??As per astrology & Veda all works must be performed facing to East & North direction only. " Yathaa Purbang tathaa Uttarang ". ?? Wisdom or knowledge, intelligence is gained from North direction. North belongs to the planet Mercury or the Lord Kuber. So positive energy ( Bio electric magnetic field energy) that flows from N to S direction at all times. ?? ?East direction Lord is the Sun that enables the whole Universe or say our solar family planets , Earth. Maximum UV rays, Vit D etc are obtained naturally free of cost from Sun . As the Earth revolves in its axis & move around the Sun in its orbit that emits better energy at the East direction. ?? So all our activities must be performed facing N N-E or E direction for our health, wealth & better judgement in life. Meal taking, study, passing stool urine, watching TV, work in office , cooking process, speech in meetings etc our face must be as said above. ??. In stead of this Vastu rule people do the things in just opposite way that causes ailments like anger, take wrong decision, stomach disorder, constipation, heart trouble , high B/P, sugar diabetes etc. Our nervous system, blood circulation never come to balancing position. Please search my web site - indianvastuandastrology.com -Prof. (Dr.) H. Bal. Rourkela. Odisha.


Direction ( ??? ) - Some people are ignorant of direction. To know all the directions look Sun rising in the morning . Now :- East - Face Facing side to Sun. South- Right hand side. West-Back side. North- Left hand side. Agni- Between S-E. Nairut- Between S-W. Vayu- Between N-W. Aisanya- Between N-E. Adhah- Leg side.(Earth). Udhah - Head side (sky). Total ten directions . But in Vastu Bigyan we take 8 directions only. ?? Some of our astrologers make some more divisions making 16 directions. Another group of astrologers make some more divisions making 32 directions. It is their liberty to assume 8 , 16 or 32 that no one can come on their way to object it. ??. As all directions knowledge (Disa /??? ) is required for Vastu (Construction of a house or any artitecture. ) to have the proper location utility by the owner of the house so as to make him & his family to lead a peaceful happy & prosperous life with all round success , longevity. ??. Directions are connected with 5 elements ( Earth, Fire, Eather,Air & Water) & that 5 elements to match with the Vastu so that all persons living in that house will prosper in life. ??. If the Vastu defects are not rectified then several unwanted problems may have to face in our life. Like poor living standard, sterility of women, no study mind of children, quarrels in the family, running to court or P S , sickness , frequent recurring death of some member of the family, all efforts go in vein etc etc. Now a days it is very easy to rectify defects with effective remedies without damaging or destroying the structure of house , hotel, motel, shop, factory etc.


VASTU (??????) ????? ????? :- ??Main entrance of a house has a great role in the development of a house. A Vastuvit must take care to install the main door at the proper location so as the house owner & his family members will live a peaceful life with good earning with sound health & mind. ?? The best location of the door East direction is Mahendra, South- Gruhakhyat, West- Pushya & North- Bhallat. ?? But a door in East in the location of Surya is also good & in North Kuber (Soma) is also good. ?? A door in Surya location - It is very auspicious because the owner or any one of the family members never be punished by Govt nor convicted . North side Kuber location is the best for earning wealth & development. There will not be shortage of wealth in that family at any time. ??. South side or west side door installing in a wrong location may cause delay of progeny, financial scarce or no issue of the owner. ?? ????? ????? ????? ???? ?????? (????????) , ?????? ????? ???????, ?????? ?? ?????? ? ??????? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ? ????? ??? ????? ????? ? ????? ????? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ???? ??????? ?????????? ?????? ???? ????? ?? ???? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ?????? ???? ??????? ?????? ????????? ?? ????? ????? ??????? ??? ??? ????? ?? ????????? ??????- indianvastuandastrology.com ??????????????????????????????????????????????


??Website: indianvastuandastrology.com (Ph: 09853354354): When will corona virus be eradicated completely from India???First we have to analyse the birth chart of India???? Date of birth- 26.01.1950. Time of birth- 10:18AM. Place- Delhi. ????Ascendant- Pieces. Moon sign- Aries. Star- Aswini. 1/1. ????Now major period - Jupiter- From 19.06.2011 to 19.06.2027 (16years). ????Sub period Guru - Venus- From 01.03.2019 to 01.01.2022.??Conjunction of Guru, Sukra & Ravi are in the 11th house in Capricorn. It is the house of profit, disease, friendship. Jupiter +Venus combination is a Yog known as " Amrut Yog." But this Yog is always weak??As per astrology for Meen Lagna Sukra is inauspicious. That represents 3rd & 8th house. Both the houses are inimical ??Venus is the significator of art, movie, electrical, computer, dance, music, acting, Goddess of wealth (Laxmi), political leader, luxury vehicle, sumptuous food, fast food, all luxurious items , scent ,perfume, costly clothes, luster of body, female etc??Venus will ruin the house of profit, income of the nation, friendship with neighbouring nations from the beginning of the Antardasa 01.03.2019 to 01.01.2022. GDP may fall below , Sixth house is the house of disease death, enemity & 11th house is 6th to 6th means disease death enemity. It will harm the nation in the same manner as mentioned above. Question arises when the corona virus will be completely eradicated????? Due to this our nation's economy will be paralyzed to its high pick as I have said that Venus is Laxmi. As long as this Antardasa is not over the same problem may continue till 01.01.2022???? Intensity of corona virus epidemic may reduce in certain period before 01.01.2022. But even after relief of 99 % of this epidemic 1% may remain till that period. This type of epidemic may be more till 4/2021. It will reduce very fast way by 19.11.2020 soon Jupiter will be in transit to the sign Aquarius???????Website: indianvastuandastrology.com (Ph: 09853354354)


Website: indianvastuandastrology.com???? HON. CM OF MAHARASHTRA - SH. UDDHAV BAL KESHAV THACKAREY SAHEB ??- Date of birth- 27.07.1960, Time of birth- 10:14 AM, Place of birth- Mumbai??11/5. Lagna- Virgo, Moon sign- Leo, Star- Purb Falguni-2??Now Mahadasa- Jupiter (16years) from 19.12.2012 to 19.12.2028. Sub period- Jup- Ket from 25.11.2019 to 01.11.2020. Pratyantar period Jup- Ket-Rah- From 15.04.2020 to 05.06.2020??Jupiter Retrograde transit will be to Sagittarius on 20.06.2020. Rahu - It will transit to Taurus on 16.09.2020. As per ascendant Virgo Rahu positioned in Leo along with Moon ??As long as Saturn +Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn there will be lot of enemies behind him but can not do any thing against him. However, soon Jupiter leaves on transit to Sagittarius on 29.06.2020, some problems may arise from public, neighbours or partners in profession till the period 19.11.2020. Further, movement of Rahu to Taurus on 16.09.2020 it may create more complicacy in the arena of politics??Yet the most critical time has already started from 15.04.2020 & will continue till 05.06 .2020. The support of outcastes may be poor & a great misguidance to continue his normal work. Each & every steps, will come as hurdle on the path of politics. They may not cooperate. Even it will be the reason of mental upsetness for him. More carefully, more drastic steps may help out in his career, if works with security commands from the date 04.05.2020 to 18.06.2020. This period seems to be a problematic from the side of his supporters. ???? Prof. (Dr.) H.Bal (Astrology & Vastu Expert), Odisha. For more information please visit my web site- indianvastuandastrology.com-Prof. (Dr.) H.Bal. (Astrology & Vastu-Expert), Odisha & Navi Mumbai, Ph: 09853354354


CORONA VIRUS (Covid-19) EPDEMIC: Planetary position - Jupiter - transit to -Sagittarious-04.11.2019. 29.03.2020- 28.06.2020 in Capricorn, 29.06.2020 to Sagittarius, 19.11.2020 to Aquarius, Saturn- To Capricorn- 24-01.2020, Rahu- In Gemini till 16.09.2020 & Ketu in Sagittarius till 16.09.2020, Solar eclipse- 21.06.2020??Prediction on Corona virus:-Before prediction I must quote 2 sloks from astrology books. "Yadaa tibjuto Mandi jibaad baa salt and stitch, Tadaa prajaa binasyanti bhupaaschaannaparikhyah". It's meaning is that if Jupiter conjunction with Saturn or Jupiter is posited 7:7 the ruler along with public will be ruined. "Kark Meen mrugstrishu sani bhoumou jadaa stitou, Tadaa yudhaakulaa pruthiv dhanaadhaanya Bibarjitaa." Means Mars & Saturn combination in the sign Kark Meen,Capricorn or Virgo there may be a war in which shortage comes in finance & wealth. ( Here 3rd biological world war initiated by dragon). Jupiter transit to Sagittarius on 04.11.2019 & made conjunction with Saturn & Ketu. As per astrology any large auspicious planet like Jupiter if conjuction takes place there is a chance to spread of some virus epidemic. If it is not wrong it might have come (virus corona) just after 4.11.2019??Saturn moved to Capricorn on 24.01.2020 . Guru moved to Capricorn on 29.03.2020. Both the planets (as per astrology ) are the cause of virus epidemic. It's effect will have more intensity till 29.06 2020??Jupiter will be retrograded on 29.06.2020 to Sagittarius to join with Ketu. Even Jupiter with Ketu or Rahu conjunction till 16.09.2020 may continue the effect of corona virus. Again Jupiter will move straight motion to Aquarius on 19.11.2020. With some other reasons , transit of planets corona virus effects will remain till 14.04.2021??For more information please visit my website- indianvastuandastrology.com-Prof. (Dr.) H.Bal. (Astrology & Vastu-Expert), Odisha & Navi Mumbai, Ph: 09853354354


Check Website: indianvastuandastrology.com *Prof. (Dr.) H.N.Bal (Vastu & Astrology)????????????CORONA ASTROLOGY VIEW POINT* ?????? Mainly we consider, for any epidemic out break, Rahu /Ketu responsible for it. Saturn too but even Mercury also pays a role for epidemic . Ketu area is China, Afgan, Iran. Rahu indicates out caste or those who never support Hinduism or Sanatan religion. Rahu will be in Gemini till August 2020 & Ketu too till August 2020 in Sagittarius . Jupiter joined with Ketu & Saturn in the month of 04.11.2019. Bruhat Parasar , Slok- 89 says : Akasmat Sasharodhaschh Gurou byadhi Binirnay. Disease by Saturn - " Sarbech Bayaja Pida Hast Pad Kampanang. Rahu disease- Swash Kanth. "Sarbech Bataja Pida Swash Kash bhagandarah, Dustagranthi armaha Byadhi bhang Rahoh Prakeertata". Jupiter will move to Capricorn on 29.03.2020 till 28.06.2020 along with Saturn conjunction. Mars already with Saturn from 22.03.2020 will remain with Saturn & Jupiter. Unless Jupiter moves to Capricorn or say that has to be detached from Ketu the epidemic of Corona may not be under control. Again Jupiter will be back to Sagittarius on 28.06 2020 to join with Ketu. Again it's spread may be seen in tropical areas. Combination of Mars, Jupiter , Saturn Judges adminstration will be strict, lot of drastic steps by police / defence to control public, fear of deficiencies of food commodities may affect poor people. Financial deficit is expected. (Mars the commander, Saturn the judge punisher, Jupiter the Lord of finance) It is time the people for finance, labour, outcastes, men in uniform to work together for discipline, finance & punishment. Indisciplined people will not be left without punishment. Mercury is in Aquarius, an airy sign from 03.02.2020 to 06.04.2020. It forms Papkartari Yoga as it is in between Sun & Saturn + Mars. Means a congestion in between heart & lungs. Air passage system may not be sound due to infection of unknown viruses or epidemic. So keep the lung safe, sound, keep in self quarantine, Pranayam, Exercise. Lastly we can hope that the Corona epidemic may come under control after 7.4.2020 . But not before 8/2020. *Regards Prof. (Dr.) H.N.Bal (Vastu & Astrology) Navi Mumbai & Odisha Check Website: indianvastuandastrology.com


VASTU DEFECT IN S-E direction (Agni): If this direction will be defective NAVI CHAKRA (Swadistan) will be defective of the members of the family living in that building. It affects water regulation of Lower abdominal regions, sexual organs, mental stress, tension, insomnia. Disease related to Venus such as kidney bladder sexual organs diseases. It is caused due to construction of septic tank, sump pit, water reservoir, over head water tank. It can be rectified by Pyramids only & without disturbing structures - Prof. (Dr.) H. Bal. (Astrology & Vastu)


VASTU DOSH TO DETECT FROM AURA SCANNER-MULADHAR( ROOT CHAKRA) - When W-S ( Nairut) direction will have Vastu defects Root chakra will be affected to the aged people of the house causing diseases of spine up to feet, sciatic pain, paralysis, pain in waist, sexual organ & reproductive organs affected, late conception of female or paucity, barren female. It happens due to diminishing Geopathic stress or strength as to dug septic tank or low level of earthen elements. The best remedies are selected by use of Pyramids. No need to break or modify the existing structure. Prof. (Dr.) H. Bal. (Astrology & Vastu)


HEART CHAKRA(Anahat): Diseases arise from the defected house construction in the N- E (Isan or Aisanya) direction alongside geopathic stress line, septic tank, staircase, overhead tank, TV tower, kitchen, etc. It affects to the house owner, all of the family members, cause diseases low or high B/P, weak heart, cholesterol, irregularity of blood circulations, no sound sleep, children's study obstacles, employment problem , low level job even after good academic career, promotion delay, brain stroke, sudden heart stroke, deaths occurring every after 5-6 years . Remedies are there only by the use of PYRAMIDS. Consult an astrologer or Vastuvid to find out the defects by his modern equipment instruments being useful at this modern times. Prof. (Dr.) H. Bal (Astrology & Vastu)


MANIPURA CHAKRA (SOLAR): Any Geopathic stress line that crosses to the magnetic line creates negativity in central axis (BRAHMA STAL) . It affects severely to the house, house persons living in it. It causes the diseases mainly related to stomach, indigestion, gastritis, pain in stomach, mental diseases, angerness, headaches, insomnia, running to latrine several times in a day etc. Remedy is only PYRAMID installation.


BISUDH CHAKRA (Throat): A place that is Panchendriy starts above throat . From throat problems , throat cancer, sore throat,cold, coughs, continuous fever takes place in the body. It happens due to VASTU DEFECTS in the N- E ( Aisanya) direction. If remedies are taken mostly PYRAMID VASTU the defects will no more harm the people live in that house. It also may cause death of some senior member of the family with the disease of head, heart or cancer - Prof (Dr.) H. Bal. (Astrology & Vastu)


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