Prof. Dr. (Hon.) H. Bal born in Odisha, had served in the armed forces for more than a decade & SAIL for for more than two decades. He had been further serving the citizens of India through his expert guidance in the field of Astrology & Vastu since last 20 years There are many Certificates, Awards, Felicitation & Honours to his credit like Aryabhatt Award (Gold medal), Achievement Award, Astro King Honour, Brahmagya Ratna Honour, Devagyan Siromani Honour, Dr. B. V. Raman Astrology Award, Jyotish Siromani Honour, Jyotish Tanya Honour, Jyotish Acharya Honour, Jyotish Bharat Bhutan Honour, Jyotish Sudhakar Honour, Jyotish Taraka Honour, Jyotish Martand Award (Gold Medal), Jyotish Pravakar (Gold Medal), Jyootish Mahamahopadhyay Honour, Jyotish Sastri Honour, Kaling Ratna Jyotish Pathani Samantha Award, Prachya Vidya Sagar Honour, Professor Award in Astrology, Raj Jyotish Honour, Vastu Samrat Honour, Vastu Vikram Award (Gold Medal), Vastu Bidyanidhi Samman etc. Prof. Dr. H. Bal, is also, currently sharing his knowledge in this field as Principal, Indian Vastu and Astrological Research Centre, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. As of now, around 50000 citizens, since year 2000, have availed services from him in Vastu & Astrology. He had preferred Vastu Visits at different places in Odisha & other states of Odisha, as well. His research work on Astrology & Vastu have been published in various magazines like Bhagyaloka, Bhru Jyotish , Niyati & many a times in differemt News papers. All remedies, on Vastu & Astrology, are done by him scientifically. Even these faults are resolved without breaking, demolishing or modifying buildings. Gem Stones & Rudrakshyas are prescribed, accurately, as per the requirement of the needy. Those, who are not capable of affording gem stones may avail the services of Tabiz & Yantras at a much comparatively lower cost. They may be equally effective as that of gem stones. Mangalic Dosh, Kalasarpa Dosh , Psychological Depressions or any Chronic Diseases that may be incurable are also advised by him to recover astrologically. Obstruction in Marriage, Business Failures, Love Marriage Failures, Family Life Disharmony and any other complaints in life or anything relating to Vastu can be remedied by him. The field of Vastu & Astrology is like an ocean of knowledge. So, all other things that is not expressly mentioned may be resolved by his expert advice and guidance.

My Son Sh. Raj Rohit(Ex-Armed Forces), BSc (Marine), BA (Eco), MBA (HR), PGD (HRM)(Shipping) (EXIM)(RTI) an Engineer & Social Activist (CHS & RTI), had been always inspiriting for me, in persuading this field for the well being of citizens in resolving their issues in daily life.

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